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Adeola Ike (Mrs)

Our Managing Director is a dedicated and seasoned script writer, novelist and producer of repute with many works to her credit. Her writings are instructive, and they address contemporary issues.

She is a pharmacist by profession with working experiences spanning many years as Medical Representative with the then Glaxo Nig. Ltd, Agbara. There, she had immense exposure in marketing Health and Well-beingness. She engaged with various Health, related health Institutions and Health Professionals in prescription patterns of ethical and non-ethical drugs.

She worked as Superintendent Pharmacist for Japheto Pharmacy, Apapa and Capstone Mega Health Care, Ogba, among others, in retail and wholesale marketing of Pharmaceutical Products as well as interfacing with Consumers in community counselling on quality drugs.

She’s married to Christian Ike, who is the chairman of Karpos Media Ltd and also serves as an Operation Director of the company.


When The Mirage Fades

No Hiding Place

No Hiding Place

Karpos Products (Radio/ TV)

  • Drama for techies
  • Drama for food, beverage and health support companies/industries
  • Drama for service based companies
  • Drama for churches/mosques
  • Drama for non-governmental organizations
  • Drama for Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies: Programme promotions, Public orientation, Enlightenment/Education, Mobilisation etc.

Karpos Deliverables

  • 5 Mins Drama
  • 10 /15 Mins Drama
  • 15/30 Mins Opera Soap/Sitcoms
  • Movies

Karpos Deliverables

  • One Week serial
  • One Month Serial
  • 3 Months Serial (Monday – Friday)
  • 3 Months Serial (Saturday – Sunday)
  • 6 Months Serial (Monday – Wednesday)
  • Live Question & Answer Session

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